GCSE Science Tuition Courses

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We are not currently running sessions with year 9. It may be possible to set up a small group session if there is the demand. With GCSE courses now starting in year 9, the sessions are designed to support the students in these earlier years. Students can often benefit from the extra time as well as the smaller classes which are capped at 6.

Rachel and Elaine will cover the modules in detail using past exam questions to ensure that the language of these questions is fully understood. They will teach how to use the examiner's mark scheme so students are aware of the key words and content needed to achieve each level. These skills are valuable throughout all GCSEs.

Classes will run when requested at £20 per session.

One Hour Sessions (£20)

TBC 3:30-4:30pm

To book, send us an email at ateamscience@yahoo.com here:

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