A Level Courses

Photographer: Armin Kübelbeck, CC-BY-SA

Biology is run by Elaine Chapman and Chemistry by Rachel Wright. These sessions are Tuesdays with a range of sessions between 3.30-5.30 at Lutterworth Leisure Centre. There are a number of options available so please contact us to discuss which would work best for you. The one to one sessions are £45 per hour. A very popular option is our small group, which started last year. This provides tutoring for a maximum of 6 students for £20 per hour.

Two Hour Sessions

DateChemistry (3:30-4:30)Biology (4:30-5:30)
10/9/193.1.2 Moles and equationsBiological Molecules
17/9/193.1.4 EnergeticsEnzymes
24/9/193.1.5 KineticsNucleic acids
1/10/193.1.6 Chemical equilibriaCell Structure
8/10/193.1.7 RedoxMitosis
22/10/193.2.2 Group 2Transport across membranes
29/10/193.2.3 Group 7Cell recognition and the immune system
5/11/193.3.5 AlcoholsGas exchange in plants, fish and insects
12/11/193.3.6 Organic AnalysisGas exchange in humans and digestion
19/11/193.3.7 Optical isomerismCirculatory system and cardiac cycle
26/11/193.3.8 Aldehydes and KetonesTransport in plants
3/12/193.3.9 Carboxylic acidsDNA, genes and protein synthesis
10/12/193.3.10 Aromatic chemistryGenetic diversity
17/12/193.3.11 AminesBiodiversity
7/1/203.3.12 PolymersPhotosynthesis 1
14/1/203.3.13 Amino acidsPhotosynthesis 2
21/1/203.3.14 SynthesisRespiration 1
28/1/203.3.15 NMRRespiration 2
4/2/203.3.15 NMR and IR identificationEnergy and ecosystems
11/2/203.3.16 ChromatographyResponding to stimuli
25/2/203.1.8 Thermodynamics part 1Nervous co-ordination 1
3/3/203.1.8 Thermodynamics part 2Nervous co-ordination 2
10/3/203.1.9 Rates equationsBlood glucose
17/3/203.1.10 Equilibrium constantThe kidney
24/3/203.1.11 Electrode potential part 1Inherited change
31/3/203.1.11 Electrode potential part 2Population and evolution
21/4/203.1.12 Acids and bases part 1Populations in ecosystems
28/4/203.1.12 Acids and bases part 2Gene expression
5/5/203.2.4 P3 elementsRecombinant DNA technology
12/5/203.2.5 Transition metalsMaths skills 1
19/5/203.2.6 Reactions of ionsMaths skills 2

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