GCSE Science Tuition Courses

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This exclusive course is limited to 12 students. It is designed to focus on and improve the understanding of concepts that are fundamental to and/or heavily examined in public examinations. The sessions will be held at the Bee Hive, Northampton, NN2 8LR.

Two hour sessions cost £30, with lesson content and supporting resources emailed to parents to ensure that the learning can be further reinforced in the home. Students can select to attend one, some or all of the sessions.

Payments may be made by cheque or bank transfer. Please add your child's name as reference for the payment. The places will be reserved on a first come first served basis and will only be confirmed after full payment.

Two Hour Sessions (£30)

DateTriple Science: 11am-1pmCombined Science: 11am-1pm
22/9/18Chemistry: Atomic structure and the periodic tableBiology: Cells and transport
29/9/18Biology: Cells and transportChemistry: Atomic structure and the periodic table
6/10/18Physics: EnergyPhysics: Energy
13/10/18Chemistry: Bonding, structure and the properties of matterBiology: Enzymes
20/10/18Biology: EnzymesChemistry: Bonding, structure and the properties of matter
3/11/18Physics: The particle modelPhysics: The particle model
10/11/18Chemistry: Quantitive ChemistryBiology: Circulation
24/11/18Biology: CirculationChemistry: Rates of reaction and Le Chatelier's principle
1/12/18Physics: Forces (part one)Physics: Forces (part one)
8/12/18Chemistry: Energy changesBiology: Disease
15/12/18Biology: DiseaseChemistry: Energy changes
5/1/19Physics: Forces (part two)Physics: Forces (part two)
12/1/19Chemistry: Rates of reaction and Le Chatelier's principleBiology: Homeostasis and response
19/1/19Biology: Homeostasis and responseChemistry: Calculations in Chemistry
26/1/19Physics: WavesPhysics: Waves
2/2/19Chemistry: Chemical changes and chemical analysisBiology: Ecology and plants
9/2/19Biology: Ecology and plantsChemistry: Organic chemistry (hydrocarbons, fractional distillation and cracking) and chemistry of the atmosphere
2/3/19Chemistry: Organic chemistry (hydrocarbons, fractional distillation and cracking) and chemistry of the atmosphereBiology: Photosynthesis and respiration
9/3/19Biology: Photosynthesis and respirationChemistry: Chemical changes and chemical analysis
16/3/19Physics: ElectricityPhysics: Electricity
23/3/19Biology: Inheritance and evolutionChemistry: Using resources
30/3/19Chemistry: Using resourcesBiology: Inheritance and evolution
6/4/19Physics: Magnetism and electromagnetismPhysics: Magnetism and electromagnetism
27/4/19Chemistry exam preparation (part one)Biology exam preparation (part one)
4/5/19Biology exam preparation (part one)Chemistry exam preparation (part one)
11/5/19Physics exam preparation (part one)Physics exam preparation (part one)
18/5/19Chemistry exam preparation (part two)Biology exam preparation (part two)
1/6/19Biology exam preparation (part two)Chemistry exam preparation (part two)
8/6/19Physics exam preparation (part two)Physics exam preparation (part two)

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Full Day Session (£90)

A-Team Science Northampton will be running one full day for all GCSE science disciplines on Tuesday 16th April. The day will cover key concepts that reoccur in examinations as well as common misconceptions. If you want to book please click below. The cost will be £90 which includes a sandwich and a can.

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